Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter

Volume 1  Issue 6                                           September 2003

Mohave Gambler's Internet Newsletter for Hobby Gunsmiths

AWA Lightning

The Colt Lightning was supposed to be the rifle that would compete against the  Winchester and give Colt an edge in the world of repeating rifles.  However, in the mid to late 1880s it failed against the marketing muscle of the mighty Winchester company.

   The original Colt Lightning had reliability problems that plagued it and I have been told they were caused by the complexity of the gun's design coupled with the very tight tolerances that did not stand up well in the dusty American west.

  The cowboy shooting world was excited when several gun companies announced they were planning to reproduce the Lightning for the cowboy shooters.  It has been over a hundred years since the original Lightning was first produced and the new one has also been shrouded in a controversy.

   It was an aggressive move to be the first of the three companies to bring the Lightning to the market, but American Western Arms was first.  AWA is a small company and it was a significant undertaking to bring this new gun to the shooting market.

  The reason for the desire to bring the Lightning back to the cowboy shooting market is that without the lever action, the gun is supposed to remain on target and quickly recover from recoil.  I found that to be the case for me.

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This issue of the newsletter has been the most problematic to publish.  It has also been delayed by a two weeks as a result of several things that needed to be addressed.

   The first problem was that I ran out of space on my old web site and had to move the newsletters over to my business server.   I also had to edit my entire site and move that over to my business site.  It was not trivial to move a site as large as this one.

   The next problem was that I received a notification that I was being sued for an injury resulting from the information in one of the newsletters.  It cost me about fifteen-hundred dollars in legal fees to learn it was a hoax, but I now have all articles reviewed by a lawyer before publication and I have a disclaimer page.

   The last issue was damage to the computer by a lightning strike across the street.  This forced some rebuilding, but all is now well again, but the publication date has been moved out to the fifteenth of the month to prevent scheduling conflicts.

   Mohave Gambler


Big Ed of San Pedro Saddlery

I first learned the name of San Pedro Saddlery when I read John Taffin's book; Action Shooting Cowboy Style.  San Pedro was listed as a supplier of cowboy action shooting leather.
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How To --

Casting your own Lead Bullets.

Several people have written to ask about the process of casting our own bullets.  A few questions have come in that I couldn't answer so I decided to try it myself and learn a little about the process.  What I learned was that casting my own bullets is not only a great way to drastically reduce the cost per bullet, but it is both a lot of fun and relaxing.  This article shows how the average person can outfit themselves to start casting and to have fun in the process.

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Inside this Issue
  • Feature: The AWA Lightning Rifle

  • Profile--Bid Ed of San Pedro Saddlery

  • Editorial-- Problems getting published.

  • How to: Casting your own bullets: Part One.