The Hobby Gunsmith

Volume 1  Issue 7                                                                                                   October 2003

The Monthly On-Line Magazine for Hobby Gunsmiths


The Rossi 92

By Eight Bits

A couple of months ago I included an article about how to refinish the stocks that come on the Rossi 92 through certain importers.  I received a lot of excellent responses from that article and the owner of Eight Bits Leather submitted his instructions on how to properly tune the 92 to make it smoother.

   These instructions have been on a web site for some time now, but Eight Bits has asked that I include them in an article for the Hobby Gunsmith. 

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Update on the

AWA Lightning

The AWA lightning went back to Florida to have the parts checked and to find out what caused the reliability problems I reported last month.  It turns out that the ejector bar on the right side became loose and they tightened it. 

I shot the gun at a range when it returned and it performed flawlessly, but the bar became loose again during the next shoot.  Next month I should be showing how to fix this early production problem and get the gun back into competition.  It must be remembered that this is a test gun and not a production gun.


The only thing that seems to stay the same is change.  Change is all around us and we learn to adapt or be left behind.

   I have been reading some of the e-mail coming into the newsletter and I am proud to announce changes that you will see in this edition and more in November.

   The biggest change for this month has to do with the layout of the articles.  You will notice that when you continue reading, the pages change from three columns to a single column.  This is intended to make the newsletter more readable.  Photos will also be moved to the end of the article using a new method to display them.

   I have had several people ask that the newsletter be expanded to include guns other than cowboy.  We will keep the cowboy guns, but next month we will begin featuring projects with muzzleloaders and may soon add more modern gun projects.

Mohave Gambler


Eldon Penner

Eldon Penner is known best for his work with original Colt Lightning rifles.  His work and expertise has led him to be nicknamed Mr. Lightning by many people in the Cowboy Action Shooting sport.  My contact with Mr. Penner came while I was testing the AWA Lightning in Jamestown and I was put in touch with him by someone who saw that I was having some problems.  This was my opportunity to get to know the infamous El Rod.
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How To --

Prepare a good

 Metal Finish.

Many of us have had the opportunity to either completely restore a damaged gun, redo the finish on a gun that just needed to look a little different,  or the misfortune to damage the finish on a good shooter and found ourselves needing to do a complete refinishing job

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Inside this Issue
  • Feature: The Rossi 92

  • Profile:  Eldon Penner--"Mr. Lightning"

  • Editorial:  More Changes

  • How to: Preparing for a good Finish