The Hobby Gunsmith

Editorial, Continued

Early one morning I posted on a bulletin board that I was starting a newsletter and had a series of subscriptions within a half-hour of making that original post.  The newsletter and the subscriptions began growing rapidly and we had to move the newsletter away from its original location to a place under my consulting firmís domain.

 We continued to grow and improve as readers offered suggestions and we attempted to implement those suggestions.  We expanded the number of photographs and details in the articles, and last month we tried a single column format, moved the photographs to the end of the articles, and added banner advertising as a test.

 Some things worked and others didnít.  We are going back to a multi-column format with the photographs embedded with the text.  We are changing our format to look more like the table of contents page of a magazine and using links from the table of contents to the complete articles.

 We have expanded with a section called The Front Stuffer that is dedicated to building and testing muzzle-loading firearms.  The first project will be to build a 50 caliber Traditions Plains Pistol kit, which was selected as the perfect compliment to the Hawken rifles that many of us already own.

 Although we are retaining our focus on cowboy guns, we will be adding more modern firearms as they become available.  One of the first projects will be to rebuild an old Remington Model 11 semi-automatic shotgun.  We will be restoring it back to its original condition.

 We are adding a section for reader comments, questions, and a place to show off photos of their own hobby gunsmith projects.  All of these changes are being made at the request or suggestion of readers who have written to help.

 Advertising may be a part of the future of the Hobby Gunsmith Magazine so we can defray the costs of these projects and the cost of publishing and maintaining the web site.  We have had some assistance from those who have contributed in the past, but it will take more to keep the Hobby Gunsmith magazine alive and growing.

 The last piece of news is that we have moved the Hobby Gunsmith over to its own Internet domain as a new permanent address.  We are now at and enjoying it.  Now it is time to see how many more people we can get reading this new magazine that has been born right in front of us.  Please spread the word and help make this little endeavor a success. 


 Keith T. Chiles, Editor