The Hobby Gunsmith

Volume 2  Issue 5                                                                                 May 2004

The Free Monthly On-Line Magazine for Hobby Gunsmiths

In This Issue

May Feature-Converting an 1851 Navy Revolver to .38 Special with the new Kirst conversion with a functional loading gate

Project- We improve the action on a Winchester 94 lever gun.

The Front Stuffer- We finish the Traditions Trapper Kit

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The Editorís Bench

Welcome to the May issue of The Hobby Gunsmith online magazine.  This month we feature a bit of a surprise that came in the form of a telephone call from Walt Kirst of Kirst Industries.  Walt offered us one of his new newest 1851 cold Navy .38 caliber conversion cylinders with the new ported backing plate that includes a fully functional loading gate.

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