Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter

Volume 1  Issue 2                                           May 2003

Mohave Gambler's Internet Newsletter for Hobby Gunsmiths

Dragoon Conversion 2

Last month I introduced the Dragoon Conversion project and covered some repairs on the frame, repaired the damaged hammer, and described how a machinist made the various cuts needed to alter the cylinder to allow a .45 Colt cartridge to fit.  This month we will cut the loading port, test fire the gun, and making a loading gate.

     It was certainly possible to leave the loading gate of this revolver open so it would be similar to a Kirst ported conversion cylinder, but the backing plate that was given to me already had a hinge for mounting a loading gate so I decided to make one.  I did not realize how many hours would go into that small piece of metal in order to fit it to the contours of the backing plate.

     The one I created for this gun is still quite rough and will be finished and polished as part of the final finishing of the gun.  This new gate will allow me to load this conversion like any other single action revolver.

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The first Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter was a success and I received praise, ideas for future articles, requests from more people to be on the list, and a few suggestions for  improvement.

     The most requested change was for more photos and more details on the projects. I will incorporate those changes with this edition. It should be noted that more photos will appear in this edition of the newsletter for those projects that were done after receiving the suggestions.

     I was happy that so many people liked the profile on Walt Kirst and will keep the profile as long as someone will agree to be interviewed.


Mohave Gambler

Profile--Bottom Dealin' Mike

I sit in my office writing this article with the brace of 51 Colt Navy revolvers I use to shoot Gunfighter in Cowboy Action shooting and my Remington New Army revolver with a shortened barrel. I also see two Remington New Army revolvers that will be modified during the next few weeks.

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How To -- Dovetail Front Sight.

Last month I showed how to use an inexpensive dovetail milling bit in a drill press to cut a dovetail in a barrel blank. This month I will show how I made a front sight to fit into the dovetail.


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Inside this Issue
  • Dragoon Cartridge Conversion Part 2

  • Editorial--Welcome Back.

  • Profile--Bottom Dealin' Mike

  • How to: Making a Custom Front Sight