Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter

Volume 1  Issue 3                                           June 2003

Mohave Gambler's Internet Newsletter for Hobby Gunsmiths

Dragoon Conversion Part III

   The first two installments of the Dragoon project moved along rather quickly, but the requests for more details, coupled with more demands on my time, has slowed the project. 

   The Dragoon has had the cylinder cut to match a backing plate that was donated by a reader.  The machining work was done by a professional machinist using some very expensive equipment. 

   The loading gate portion of the project was done mostly by hand.  The extractor assembly covered this month required some basic machining that can be done in the shop of a reasonably well equipped hobby gunsmith using inexpensive and reasonably simple tools.

Figure 1

   The loading lever assembly was broken when I was given the gun parts and the previous owner had brazed the assembly in place before installing a makeshift ram.  I considered many options, including the addition of an under barrel rib to replace the loading lever, removing the assembly altogether,  and  keeping the parts as I received them and attaching the extractor housing to the loading lever part. 

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    The popularity of this newsletter has been greater than I had expected.  I am averaging about two requests for the newsletter every day from people all over the world. I also receive a lot of mail from my new friends asking for my advice and help on their gun problems.

     I received more feedback and people would like to know what projects I am going to tackle in the future.  The conversion projects seem popular so I will be doing a few more.  Future articles should include how to blue a gun at home, brown a gun at home, and nickel plate a gun at home.  More conversions are in the works along with detailed information on how to slick the Winchester 94, and to slick the Rossi 92, and the Bounty Hunter II shotgun, and some work on making or refinishing gunstocks.  

     I have even been asked to do a .32 conversion on a Remington Pocket Pistol.  That will be a tough one, but it may appear on these pages along with some plans for what I call Extreme Modifications


Mohave Gambler


Coyote Cap

   Anyone who has been on the SASS Wire and seen a post about the Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun has heard mention of the name of Coyote Cap, SASS #14184 Lifetime Gold, who is known in real life as Gunsmith Marty Ahlman.  Marty owns and operates the Coyote Cap Gunworks in Morristown, Minnesota, and works there when he is not traveling to SASS matches with his portable gunsmith shop.

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How To --

Cutting Down a Remington Barrel.

   Bottom dealin' Mike once commented that there is something about the Remington that invites a hacksaw.  Truer words were never spoken, but many people are afraid of the complexity of cutting down a barrel.  This article will illustrate how the barrel was cut on a Remington project gun.


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  • Profile--Coyote Cap

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  • How to: Cutting down a Remington Barrel.