Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter

Volume 1  Issue 4                                                                                        July 2003

Mohave Gambler's Internet Newsletter for Hobby Gunsmiths

Ruger Old Army Kirst Conversion

This newsletter marks a new treat that I hope will become a more regular feature in the newsletter if there is much demand.  I had an opportunity to test the new Kirst Konverter for the Ruger Old Army revolver and include it in this month's newsletter instead of the Dragoon project, which is running a little behind.

   If you recall, the first newsletter profile was an interview with Walt Kirst, who is the maker of the Kirst Kartridge Konversions and he mentioned his challenge of designing a conversion cylinder for the Ruger Old Army revolver. 

Figure 1

   A strange series of events came together to allow both an ROA revolver and the Kirst Konverter to arrive at my home on the same week.  It created an opportunity to do the newsletter's first gun test that does not involve any gunsmith activities. Figure 1 illustrates my ROA with the new Kirst conversion cylinder in place.

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New Directions

The Hobby Gunsmith Newsletter seems to be successful in that I have a lot of people still signing up to receive the notifications, and the e-cards and letters just keep pouring in from those who have comments or suggestions.

     I read the e-mails I receive and I have spotted a few interesting trends I want to mention.  The first is that some people have a misconception about my motives for doing this newsletter, so I decided to profile myself in this issue to clear things up a bit. 

   Another issue is that people want to see a wider variety of articles on different things related to guns.  I am soliciting information from everyone on where you want to see this newsletter go so I can make it something that people will look forward to reading.


Mohave Gambler


Mohave Gambler

Some of the e-mails I receive suggest that people have drawn some incorrect conclusions about my motives for publishing this newsletter and about me in general.  I am breaking from my tradition of writing about others and am writing about myself to help people understand what this newsletter is all about.
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How To --

New finishes.

"Hey Mohave, when did you get that new Rossi 92?  That other one you had looked like it was all stoned up with some of the bluing missing and the stock was all black and finished like an old telephone pole."  The old man at the loading table asked as he cleared the rifle and admired the rich and deep glass-like finish of the wood.

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Inside this Issue
  • Ruger Old Army Kirst Conversion Test

  • Profile--Mohave Gambler

  • Editorial--

  • How to: Blue your polishing-Refinish a Rossi