The Hobby Gunsmith

Volume 2  Issue 1                                                                                 January 2004

The Free Monthly On-Line Magazine for Hobby Gunsmiths

In This Issue

January Feature-A quick way to blue gun parts

Gun Test- The Henry Big Boy and Golden Boy

The Scattergun- Bounty Hunter II rebuild Part Three

The Front Stuffer- Building the Traditions Trapper Kit Part Three

Auto Shooting- Rebuilding the Taurus PT-92 9mm Auto Part Three

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The Editorís Bench

This year represents a new era for the Hobby Gunsmith.  Our facility problems are almost behind us and we are completing the process of reorganizing our shop to have more room to take on projects we could not accommodate in the past.  I have been amazed by the letters of support about the problems of the last few months.

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