The Hobby Gunsmith

Editorial, Continued

   People wrote to wish us well in trying to find proper facilities so we can keep the publication going.  I have decided to show some photographs of the transformation we are going through at The Hobby Gunsmith

Figure 1.

   Figure 1 shows the conditions in the garage shop as we prepared to move into the new facility.  Many items had arrived and we were literally climbing over equipment to move around.  Two power tools were in the trunk of my car and are still there as I write this.

   After the move was cancelled and the decision was made to reorganize our existing garage facility, we tore everything out of one part of the shop and made things even worse.  That was when a fence blew down in a California storm and we  had to stop working on the shop and rebuild the fence.

  As soon as the fence was repaired and the dogs could go out into the back yard, we returned to the garage workshop and began installing the new cabinets.  This marked the beginning of forward progress and within a few days we could return to work on some of our projects.


Figure 2.

   There is still much to do in preparing the shop, but we are now recovered from being behind the power curve and are making forward progress. 

We are now looking forward to the coming year of projects to share with the world.

Best Regards,

 Keith T. Chiles, Editor