The Hobby Gunsmith

Volume 2  Issue 2                                                                                 February 2004

The Free Monthly On-Line Magazine for Hobby Gunsmiths

In This Issue

February Feature-Setting back the barrel on a revolver

Gun Test- The Marbles and Lyman Tang sights

The Scattergun- Bounty Hunter II rebuild Part Four

The Front Stuffer- Building the Traditions Trapper Kit Part Three

Auto Shooting- Rebuilding the Taurus PT-92 9mm Auto Part Four

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The Editorís Bench

Despite the fact that The  Hobby Gunsmith is a small and Internet-based publication, it is quite common to be approached by companies wanting to have their products reviewed in our pages in order to reach our audience of readers.  Very rarely do any of these products reach our pages.  I would, however, like to tell everyone about a very

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