The Hobby Gunsmith

Editorial, Continued

   The Hobby Gunsmith has been growing and it would be nice to move into a larger space than the corner of my garage.  The garage is very hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

   A local merchant offered to let me move the Hobby Gunsmith into his back room where we could set up a fully equipped workshop and a small photo studio for taking the pictures.  It was a welcome offer and I gratefully accepted. 

   Discussions took place and it appeared we had a meeting of the minds.  I budgeted the money for equipment for taking on much larger projects and went on a shopping spree to acquire the hardware and tools necessary to make this important transition.


    With the business e-zine published to the Internet, we turned our attention to cleaning the new space, but I was met with a crushing blow when I arrived with a mop and cleaning solutions.  The merchant was having second thoughts and the move was put on hold.

   This created a greater problem in that we needed a week to complete the publication of the Hobby Gunsmith, but the work had not been done and the garage was now filled with about seven thousand dollars worth of special equipment that had been purchased for the new shop.  I found myself with no room to work on the guns.


   I moved enough things to gain access to enough space to do the work to complete these articles and publish the Hobby Gunsmith about a week late.  It was not as much fun as normal to work on the guns, but we got past this milestone and are now making plans to reorganize the home shop so it can grow to do larger projects while having enough room to work.

   Who knows, perhaps a few articles will follow on the basics of building a small shop and on how to use some of these new tools.

Best Regards,

 Keith T. Chiles, Editor