The Hobby Gunsmith

Editorial, Continued

   We had an opportunity to test one of American Western Arms new Ultimate revolvers this issue of The Hobby Gunsmith. We finish up the rebuild of the Taurus 9mm pistol and tested it with the Ciener

   Preparing The Hobby Gunsmith has been difficult in recent months. We expanded the number of ongoing projects, but find it has become overwhelming and we must cut back a little. The sheer volume of work has become impossible in view of the limited amount of time available to work on them and the costs associated with each project. Instead of carrying five articles, we will be reducing the coverage to about two and trying to get them done more quickly.

   We will happily expand the scope of The Hobby Gunsmith if readers would like to submit articles or write monthly columns about their favorite aspect of shooting.  You do not need to be a seasoned writer since we can edit your work and clean up any problems.. 

   All that is needed to submit an article is to send a text file along with digital photos of the project.  Send us your idea and we will work with you to get your article into print.

   We will be adding a section to The Hobby Gunsmith where we let readers send in photos of their own gun project and we will publish those in a monthly photo gallery.  Just send a few digital photographs to me along with a description of the gun and it should appear within a month or so.

   The decision to make these changes has been driven by a desire to focus on quality of articles instead of quantity.  another issue is the cost of doing many of these projects  has created quite a drain on the budget.  Although we considered doing an issue every two months, we felt it would be better to keep our monthly publication schedule and simply reduce the number of projects.  We are interested in your comments and you may write by simply clicking on my name at the end of the editorial.

   Readers have also written to ask for specific types of projects be covered by The Hobby Gunsmith. Projects coming up include one on slicking up and taking down a Winchester 94 carbine, rebuilding a Remington Model 11 shotgun, making a set of competition holsters, loading your own ammunition, building a Gemmer style long-range rifle, restoring an old Springfield Trapdoor, and slicking up a Colt style revolver.

   It is unfortunate that we have not been able to make a project out of every request, but we simply do not have the budget to afford many of the projects. The most common request is on how to slick up either a 1866 or 1873 Winchester rifle. We simply do not have the budget to purchase one of these fine guns for The Hobby Gunsmith. It would take a donation or significantly reduced purchase price to allow us to work on one of these high-priced firearms.

Best Regards,

 Keith T. Chiles, Editor